Our 1/2marathon is called Føroya Sunnasta 1/2marathon, with two meanings. One that it's located on the south of the Faroe Islands, and also because "sunnasta" means healty.

This event of ours is held in September each year.

The idea behind the 1/2marathon, is to get people to set out a goal, experience the islands Suðuroy.

ABOUT the 1/2marathon:

  • The 1/2marathon, is a seen on the picture, and is 21,1km from the culturhouse SALT on Drelnes, and to the VB-house in Vágur
  • First part of the trip is from SALT towards Øravík, where the local prayerhouse: Bønhúsið is open.
  • Afther Øravík, the route is through the tunnel between Øravík and Hov, and after the tunnel, follow the road to Hov (first the one about the village) and secondly the one who goes through Hov, towards the road where we came of. 
  • Then we have take on the "uphill" from above the village of Hov, and towards Porkeri (around 2km)
  • The climbed the uphill, then downhill, and turn left, so that we come into the village of Porkeri, and through the village, before we again come on the mainroad again, for the last part of the trip towards Vágur.
  • The last part, from Porkeri to Vágur is around 8km, and we're we try to fill in music, and depots where you can get water, fruit or chocklate, before you enter the finishline, between the lake in Vágur and VB-house :-)