Er buss samband úr Vági leygarmorgunin:
 *) Bussur fer kl. 08.45 av Vágseiði við gongufólkum
 *) Bussur fer kl. 09.30 av Vágseiði við rennarum

Is there there a bus from Vágur - on raceday?
YES it is...
 *) Bus from Vágur 08.45, with those who will WALK
 *) Bus from Vágur 09.30, with RUNNERS

Changing rooms, and showers?
*) You can use the chaningrooms in VB-húsið in Vágur, where you also can leave your luggage
*) There are also showers, so you can get a good bath after the trip.

Can we leave our clothes at the starting line?
*) When you start the run/walk, you can leave your bag with clothes etc
*) Føroya Sunnasta 1/2marathon, will collect all the bags, and get them to the finish line, where you can get them, change or take a shower.


Refreshment points?
 *) Wather is at the xkm spot in Bønhúsinum in Øravík,
 *) Fruith and wather by the church in Hov
 *) Wather in village of Porkeri
 *) Wather and also som choclate and fruit through Vágur

The prayerhouse and church...
 *) Both the prayerhouse in Øravík and the church in Hov are open.
 *) You can stop and see these old buildings - and maby also say thanks that you are able to participate in this event :-) 

Finishline and after the run:
 *) In VB-house, there will be possible to buy and try Skechers running shoes.
 *) Also there is a big buffet, so that you can get a great meal, and enjoy the "after event with other participants"

Is there bussconnections, to the ferry Smyril after the run?
 *) Usualy we have busses both in the morning to get people from Smyril to the starting point
 *) Also we have had busses after the event, from Vágur to Smyril around 16.30.

 *) All those who are signed up, for our deadline in August will get a t-shirt.
 *) Is not possible, to get a t-shirts after the deadline sign up. 

Where can I find the programe for the day, and details about the route?
 *) The finale programe, will be put out on the homepage and also on facebook, on thursday before the event. 

Medical staff?
 *) We have medical staff along the route, which will help out, if there should something occure.

Eru hjalparfólk á leiðini?
 *) Bjargingarfelagið í Suðuroynni er við, umframt onnur hjálparfólk, ið standa við vatn og frukt støðini, umframt eisini vísa
    tvørtur um vegin ymsastaðni.

Medals and other at the finishline:
 *) All participants will receive a medal at the finish line
 *) Food is served at the VB-house - free for participants

 *) Regarding timing, Føroya Sunnasta 1/2marathon has no officielt timing.
 *) We start the clock, at the starting point and it will run for 3 hours
 *) If you want to check out your own time, then you need to look at the clock at the finishline by the VB-house in Vágur.